sCoolMakers is the first offline/online kids’ marketplace to exchange used stuff. 
A real life experience to helps kids and young adults prepare for a new circular economy.

The journey to become a sCoolMaker takes place on our online trading platform and at our offline events.


The Traveling Trading Fairs and Goods Donation Campaigns where kids and families can meet, get introduce to the online platform and help recycle goods and materials. 

ONLINE platform

The first online platform where kids take ownership over their trades, and learn about the positive ecological impact of second-hand trade. 

A holistic learning journey that allows sCoolMakers to truly be empowered and flourish

introductory workshop

Kids from 9 to 14 join our offline events to create their accounts and get to know how our online platform works with a playful game.

ONLINE discovery and learning

The journey continues online: editing the sCoolMakers spaces, uploading the used stuff and finding amazing treasures.

real life exchange

Our offline events are the perfect place to complete the exchange and make new friends in real life while helping the planet.

Putting the kid’s learning central calls for specific online features, innovative in the field of platform economies:

Kid's protection and safety

A local, private and protected environment where kids can only trade safely with friends and connect only with other kids within an area defined by their parents, and in no case larger than the city limits.

Parental supervision

Integration and interaction of a ‘dual’ account, with a parent’s user-interface for monitoring purposes and an kid’s interface to play, create, share and exchange.

learning JOURNEYS

An introduction of real life situations for circular economic learning, for example the options to trade goods-for-goods, to trade via a community currency or to trade in real euro’s, which enables economic and financial competence starting from the youngest kids to teenagers.

Ecosystem of collaborators

A dynamic and engaged offline and online ecosystem of entrepreneurs and companies to collaborate with kids on circular challenges, for example collecting toys for charity during the holidays.

Growing slowly to reach further.

our first working prototype

During the first half of 2017 we developed a first working prototype for the Netherlands called ‘Warenhuisje’, a members only trading club where kids can negotiate goods-for-goods exchanges.

scoolmakers turns official

In July 2017 we officially registered our Partnership in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
A big milestone for us.

Co-creating for and with our users

During the second half of 2017 we started testing our working prototype. We organized some small group co-creation sessions to gather input and feedback from kids and parents about the users experience. We will continue our co-creation session during the 2018. 

GROWInG Locally: Amsterdam Club

In 2018 we start a new phase of our journey, focused on Amsterdam. Aiming to enrich the sCoolMakers experience we create the offline events: Traveling trading fairs and  Good donations campaigns. We want to grow our community connecting with schools, neighbourhood centers and sports clubs to help them become more circular and sustainable. 

Warenhuisje: think global, act local

Warenhuisje is our first initiative for the dutch market.
We are Amsterdam based and that’s where everything starts: Warenhuisje’s Amsterdam club.
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